COD (Cash on Delivery) for our Canadian Customers:

As a convenience method of payment, we have made "Cash On Delivery" available for you. The good news is that if your order is over $200, we will cover COD fee ($7.50) for you and you don't pay the COD fee.‌
We may ask you to email us a photo ID that has your address. 
Canada Post will deliver your order and collects the cash. If you are not at your address at the time of the delivery, Canada Post will leave a note in your door or mailbox and you can pay and pickup your order from your local post office.


Interac e-Transfer
If you are living in Canada and you are using online banking and don't have or don't want to use your credit card, we have another payment option for you. We accept Interac Email Money transfer from all of Canadian Banks.
If you want to use this method please select it during checkout. 

***Please make the payment within one hour otherwise your order will be cancelled.

Here is the process: 

  1. Login to your online banking and in "Pay bills and Transfer Funds" select "Interac e-Transfer" and enter Smoke Tower as recipient's name and as recipient's email.
  2. Type in a security question and answer and submit. Make sure you share the answer with us in contact us or email us.
  3. The process will take 2-3 minutes for you and we receive the fund in maximum one hour and process your order.


Nous acceptanos Virement de fonds par courriel Interac de toutes les Banques canadiennes.

  1. Ouvrez une session de vos service bancaire en ligne
  2. Dans “Payer des factures” et Virement de fonds” sélectionnez “Virement de fonds par courriel Interac” e-Transfer
  3. Tapez Smoke Tower Ltd comme le nom du destinataire et comme le adresse courriel du destinataire.
  4. Tapez une question de sécurité et y répondre et soumet
  5. Assurer que vous partagez la réponse avec nous par utiliser “contact us or email us.” dans le site ainsi que votre « Order ID »

Le processus va prendre 2-3 minutes pour vous. Nous recevons les fond en une heure maximum et traiterons votre commande.

For more information about Interac Email Money transfer please visit or contact your Canadian Bank.

We also accpt direct payment from Desjardins group. Please contact us for the account info.


For international costumers (Other than US and Canada). Please place your order and contact us for the payment. We have different payment options for you.