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Metal Pipes

Metal Pipes

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Aluminium Folding Pipe V2

Aluminium Folding Pipe V2 Closed pipe size is 5.5cmThe price is for one pipe ..


Metal Keychains Pipe

Metal Keychains Pipe Price is for one piece. Please specify your favorite color in ..


Aluminum Wooden Detachable Pipe

Aluminum Wooden Detachable PipeHas been made from aluminum with a wooden bowl. This pipe can..


Metal Wooden Pipe

Metal Wooden Pipe Round BowlMetal pipe with Plastic cover and wooden bowl can be taken apart..


Amsterdam Metal Pipe

Amsterdam Metal Pipe 7CM (2.75") Price is for one piece...


Metal Keychain Pipe

Metal Keychain Pipe Price if for one piece. please specify the color in your order ..


Big Hammer Pipe

Big Hammer Pipe Price is for one piece...


Hooter (A New Smoking Pipe)

HOOTER(The pipe's cap is not included)The Hooter is an all new way to smoke your f..


Star Metal Pipe

Star Metal Pipe Red L:12cm (4.72") Price is for one pipe...